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Vancouver Island, BC
Vancouver Island, BC

Service Excellence

It has always been, and always will be about safety and quality. Our standards support the very foundation of our work and it is our reputation that will lead us into the future. 


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We foster an entrepreneurial spirit that values passion, innovation, and calculated risk-taking. We embrace change with an open mind and approach each challenge with creativity and collaboration.

Vancouver Island, BC
Vancouver Island, BC
Vancouver Island, BC

Honesty and Integrity

Together we stand behind a culture based on mutual trust and equality. We promote integrity as an everyday behaviour for all stakeholders and lead by example. 



Our standards will help ensure that our values continue to be reflected in each and every aspect of our organization. A commitment to providing the highest level of quality, integrity, and performance is critical to our success. We make every effort to build positive recognition of our industry by sustaining long-term relationships with our employees, customers, Indigenous communities, and all stakeholders.

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Our Health and Safety Program is accredited by WorkSafeBC with a Certificate of Recognition since 2014. The industry we work in is particularly hazardous; this drives the significant time and resources we invest in a comprehensive safety program that goes beyond industry regulatory standards.

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